Yogini Ekadashi 2019

The ekadashi tithi of Krushna paksha  of Ashadha maas is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is known by the name Yogini Ekadashi- Yogini ekadashi 2019 date is June 29, Saturday.

Sakar / Misri is offered in the Bhog Samagri of Shri Thakurji on Yogini Ekadashi day.

Yogini ekadashi fast can be observed by anyone, young or old, and is for individuals who want to avoid any kind of disease or health problems. This fast is especially important to be observed by people who are suffering from any skin related problems including leprosy. This vrat, like many other Ekadashi fasts, is quite rewarding and removes all past sins and provides good health.

Rituals of the Yogini Ekadashi vrat-

 The devotee should think positive and pray for well-being to Lord Vishnu while offering flowers and sweets to the picture or idol of the Lord.Other puja items like incense stick, deepak , water container and bell should be kept in a plate to offer to the God. Tulsi leaves should be bought on the previous day, so that one does not have to pluck it on the day of Ekadashi. All the devotees offer it to Lord Vishnu.Other family members can also get involved in the puja even if they are not fasting and sing the bhajans and aarti loudly for family health and happiness.After the puja is over Prasad is disturbed to everyone and it should consist of either sweets or fruits.

The observer of the fast has to remember to eat one or maximum two meals without grains and salt. He or she must avoid drinking water too frequently.The next day, during sunrise the devotee offers prayer to the Lord, and lit lamp, along with distributing prasad, which completes his/her fast.

Importance of Yogini Ekadashi 2019-

Yogini Ekadashi like other Ekadashi fasts has a great significance and is observed by many Hindus all over the world. It is mentioned in the Padma Puran that whoever follows the rituals of the Yogini Ekadashi is able to achieve good health, becomes prosperous, and in return leads a happy life.

This fast comes once every year and its effect is as strong as serving and feeding around 80,000 brahmins.

Yogini Ekadashi has a strong effect on one’s life if the fast and puja is followed strictly. The fast like other Ekadashi fasts begin from sunrise and continues until the next day sunrise. The person observing the vrat should not consume any kind of cereal or grain like wheat, barley, or rice.

The food eaten should be made separately without salt. He/she should wake up before sunrise of the day of yogini Ekadashi and have a bath. It is also important that one remains clean throughout the day and chant Lord Vishnu chants. As per the fast demands, the devotee should remain awake during the night and pray for good health to Lord Vishnu.