Vijaya Ekadashi Vrat 2019

Vijaya Ekadashi falls during the Krushna Paksha of Phalgun Maas, its on 2nd March Saturday 2019.. Shri Thakurji is offered Peda on this auspicious day.
 Vijaya ekadashi as per the name gives success and victory to the person observing it. The greatness of Vijaya Ekadashi is mentioned in Skanda Purana, fasting for this ekadashi helps in removing all the guilt associated with sins committed and also helps in attaining victory. It is believed that Lord Ram observed this Ekadashi before beginning his war against Ravana to ensure the victory of truth over evil.

Vijaya Ekadashi​-​

King Yudhisthira once asked Lord ​Shri ​Kr​u​shna about the importance of Ekadashi that comes ​during Krushna Paksh of Phalgun maas ,Shri Krushna  informs that observing vrat on the auspicious day will be helpful in cleansing all the sins of all those who remain devoted.

D​evRushi​ Narada once asked the same question to Lord Brahma​,​ about the importance of ​Vijaya ​Ekadashi. Lord Brahma replies that all those people who observe fast on the day are known to get rid of all the sins committed because of the victorious result that the name “Vijaya Ekadashi” has been coined in an eventual manner for that auspicious day. Numerous people are known to throng temples in order to offer their sacred prayers to the God with utmost respect.

Lord Rama went to the forest for fourteen years of exile along with his beloved wife Sita Devi and brother Lakshman. They led a beautiful life in Panchavati on the banks of River Godavari for some period. After king Ravana kidnapped Sita Devi and fled to Lanka, Rama created a team of monkey soldiers with the intention to cross Indian Ocean. However, it proved to be a herculean task for him to obtain the desired results. Eventually, he had to approach sage Bakadalbhya, the sage informed Rama that Ekadashi is the most auspicious day to cross the ocean to which Lord Rama heeded and was able to emerge victorious over Ravana. Hence, the day is referred to as “Vijaya Ekadashi”.​ and also ​they are bound to obtain the same result as that of Vajapayee sacrifice.