Shree Suktam – Illustration -3

Chandram prabhasam yasasa jvalantim sriyam loke devajustamudaram,

tam padminimim saranamaham prapadye alaksmirme nasyatan tvam vrne

adityavarne tapasodhijato vanaspatistava vrksotha bilvah,

tasya phalani tapasa nudantu mayantarayasca bahya alaksmih.

For shelter in this world , I resort to that Lakshmi who is beautiful like the moon , who shines bright , who is blazing with renown ,who is adored [ even ] by gods, who is highly magnanimous, and grand like the lotus. May my misfortune perish.I surrender myself to THEE. O Thou , resplendent like the Sun ! By Thy power and glory have the plants, [like] the bael tree , grown up . May the fruits of sins destroy through Thy Grace all inauspiciousness rising from the inner organs and ignorance as well as from the outer senses.

to be continued…