Anjeer Ki Kheer

jai shree krushna ,

Anjeer / Figs have all the necessary anti -oxidants and is also an excellent source of minerals, iron, vitamins and goodness. A very healthy and nutritious preparation for winters. It is offered hot as well as cold as per your liking and season .


  • Milk – 1 litre.
  • Figs – 6 to 10 pieces – cut into pieces.
  • Almonds – 10 pieces ,thickly chopped.
  • Sugar  – to taste. [ 2 tbs. approx.]


Preparation Method

  • Heat , boil and reduce the milk to half. Add pieces of Anjeer / Figs , cut properly and washed carefully. Add almonds as well.

    Cook for sometime till the Anjeer / Figs are cooked and soft . 

  • Now add the sugar if you like sweet or without sugar if you are conscious and diabetic . Cook for a while . Switch off the heat.
  • Takeout into a Silver bowl , garnish with lots of Love and Warmth and offer Shree Thakurji during Utthapan Bhog.