Paapmochani Ekadashi Vrat 2019

 Paapmochani  Ekadashi comes in the  Krushna paksh of Chaitra maas, it is on the 1st April 2019 Monday. Shri Thakurji is offered Charoli / Chironji seed in Bhog Samagri.

Story of Papomocchi Ekadashi –

According to legend, God says to Arjuna, When King Mandhata asked Lomash Rishi at a time, the Lord should tell that how can man be free from a person who knowingly acts unjustly. In response to Raja Manandhata’s question, Lomash Rishi had told a story to Raja that the merciful Rishi son of Chivan Rishi was absorbed in austerity in a beautiful forest named Chaitrath.

One day in the forest, when the eyes of the Apsara, named Manjugosha fell on the sage, she became fascinated by them and began to struggle to attract them. Cupid was also passing through that time that his eyes went to the nymph and he began to understand his feelings and help him. Apsara succeeds in his efforts and the sage gets tortured.

Under the act, the sage forgot the fast of the penance of Shiva and started crying with Apsara. After many years, when his consciousness was in place, he realized that he had gone away from Shiva’s penance. He was very angry at that nymph and convicted of dissolving austerity, the sage cursed Apsara to be a vampire. Sadly with the curse, she fell on the feet of the sage and began to persuade for liberation from curse.

Merciful Rishi, fluent with the request of Apsara, asked him to make a pilgrimage, due to his being submerged, the fastness of the sage was also abolished. Therefore, the sage also made a vow of Ekadashi which destroyed his sin. Apsara also became free from the effect of this fast and it got beautiful form and left for heaven.

– In this vow, the quadrilateral form of Lord Vishnu is worshiped.
– Varti should devote godavari food once in Dashmi tithi and worship the Lord Vishnu by removing the spirit of pleasure .
– On the day of Ekadashi, should perform a resolution of the fast by taking a bath after sunrise, after the resolution, worship Lord Vishnu.
– After worshiping, sitting in front of God should recite or listen to Bhagvad Katha.
– By awakening the Ekadashi date, many times get virtuous. So stay awake at night and awaken while reciting Bhajan Kirtan.
– After bathing on the day of Dvashashi, after the poojan of Shri Hari Vishnu, after feeding the Brahmans, depart with Dakshina. After this, we must take food ourself.