Dr. Future’s Weekly Predictions – 1st to 7th Dec 2019

Aries March 21st to April 20th

The rewards of doing good to yourself and others are many and when you spread happiness you set a vicious cycle of gratifying yourself and in turn boosting your energy levels for more good to be done. When the time is good make the best use of it.

Controlling the mood pangs would not only improve your productivity but also win some lost friends. Your ability to contribute for a cause would be at it’s peak and you would do quite a satisfying job.

If you have been expecting some gains there is no better time than now and you need to find ways and means to maximise not only the material benefits but also the goodwill.

Taurus April 21st to May 21st

It would call for careful observation on your part to realise that the initiatives taken by you have actually started making a difference and they are being appreciated. There could be some adversities which may come your way but this is an excellent time for you to put your best foot forward. Whatever you take up will be completed with an outstanding finish.

Go ahead and enjoy the much deserved break and treat yourself lavishly. Be careful not to over indulge, be it food, fun or romance.

If planning expansion in operations, business or a new activity this is a good time to get favours from the competent and the powerful. Just go ahead.

Gemini May 22nd to June 21st

If the situation seems to be dragging it does not mean that things are not happening. Patience and continued efforts will tilt the things into your favour sooner than you expect in the current scenario but you must remind yourself that life is different from an instant cup of coffee. The rewards that are in store for you will match the intellectual and physical efforts being made by you.

Having fun to bring some relief and relaxation to the tired mind should not induce any guilt more so when all what you indulge in is for the sake of not only yourself but to charge yourself to be able to good better in your endeavours.

Cancer June 22nd to July 23rd

It may appear that the progress is rather slow and you are only inching towards the objective but in reality the distance between the desired goal and accomplishment is vanishing much faster. You are sure to achieve what you want to provided you can keep yourself grounded firmly.

There is someone who is either in awe of you or feels attracted towards you strongly. Flashing a smile and extending a helping hand can make life wonderful for someone who might be depressed or unhappy with life. You have a charismatic personality with which you can do good to others and at the same time remain focused on your own resolve.

If you have been finding yourself irritable and short tempered with certain relationships, you need to analyse the reasons and take corrective action.

Leo July 24th to August 23rd

It is not that you are not aware of the difference between confidence and arrogance but the work pressure, the responsibilities and the mundane routine makes you forget that being soft and polite can do wonders both in relationships and also at work. You need not appear less sophisticated and professional than what you actually are.

The rub off effect of your otherwise polished personality is awe inspiring but in the moments when you are not your natural original self you may trigger behaviour which might intimidate some people.

Virgo August 24th to Septemebr 23rd

If this too is going to be a happy week the credit goes to you for despite things not happening entirely as per your desire you somehow have the ability to keep yourself convinced that one day they will. The optimism and the confidence that you radiate not only helps things to take shape but more importantly energises many around you. This contribution of yours must continue so that those who gain remain grateful to you.

Becoming more spiritually aware will enable you to progress further while at the same time affording you greater peace of mind. Taking up meditation can enhance your productivity greatly.

You have the ability to bring your ideas to completion. All you need is the willpower and determination to finish what you have started. You have these qualities in abundance.

Libra September 24th to October 23rd

There is a need to align yourself with your inner spirituality. The more solid you are in your inner world, the more likely you are to feel secure in the external world. You have the resources, but need to find new ways of valuing yourself. There come times in life when one needs to acknowledge the importance of certain things without which the life has been managed well till now. But to recognise and take steps to bring correction is always wise.

You may be feeling over-extended and at a loss as to how to proceed. You may have a sense of lack in your life, particularly a lack of something for which you feel a strong need. Probably your search is about to begin.

Scorpio October 24th to November 22nd

The detached feeling with which you conduct yourself without anyone letting know is a rare ability. This quality of yours is born out of intuition and sharpness of mind. The only time you deviate from the path is when you become self centred and short sighted. Being magnanimous will have rich rewards and you have seen that many times in the past.

If you are convinced that you have done your best and still are awaiting results then probably you could do so patiently while keeping yourself focused on work and at the same time remaining cheerful. Wooing people with your charm is another pastime that you can indulge in and strengthen some long term relations.

Sagittarius November 23rd to December 21st

You may be beginning a new job or venture that is initially routine but has excellent prospects. You need to be patient if you are to make a success of this opportunity - hard work will bring results. It is time to develop your material sense which might happen through meeting a practical, earthy person who has a beneficial influence on you.

If in case you are the victim of monotony and boring schedule in your life the time is most appropriate to bring changes in life style, have a break or enjoy a well deserved vacation. The friends and relatives should be happy and amazed witnessing a new you.

Capricorn December 22nd to January 20th

There is never a dearth of opportunities. It is your own inertia which is preventing you from noticing them. Unless you recognise the opportunity which might be glaring at you how do you envisage a plan to explore it. If you feel that you are stuck in a catch twenty to situation you need to blame yourself. Without accepting this the energy required to make yourself free cannot be mustered.

Your intentions for the loved ones around may be noble but without giving expression to these intentions you may not be able to evoke the response that you are expecting. Spending relaxed time with the loved ones will refresh you and the environment.

Aquarius January 21st to February 19th

If the results are still not to be seen have patience, which is one of your virtues. Hurrying up has never been your style and anytime you have tried to be impulsive, it has always back-fired. Give yourself time and give your best to the task you have in hand. It is worth the rewards that lie in store.

You are not easy to anger and the what you are experiencing for a change is something new to you. If you can relate this changed behaviour of yours to the delay in the results you are expecting, you would realise instantly that it is not proper on your part to throw tantrums.

Pisces February 20th to March 20th

Not everyone agrees to ‘make hey while the Sun shines’ because the occasional gloom prevents many to observe the bright and shiny Sun. The time is favourable and you need to discover in what ways you can tap the potential that lies within your reach.

Get out of the slumber and pull up your socks. Some meaningful efforts made now, will go a long way in help building fortunes in the long run. Instead of blaming it to time it is better to make use of it.

Energize yourself and bring some cheer to the relationships. Being romantic at heart means having the ability to surprise others in a pleasing manner. Do just that.