Dr Future’s Weekly Predictions – 13th to 19th Feb 2022

Aries March 21st to April 20th

Where you find yourself is often the result of a balance between your own actions and the circumstances that life has engendered. If you can be quite honest about this and not put the responsibility on other people, then you will be able to move on and not get stuck in resentment and denial.

You have become disenchanted with the status quo, in spite of the fact that you have a lot to be grateful for. Life has become dull and you feel the need to introduce some variety. You may be feeling below par or out of sorts, particularly where relationships are concerned; you may even feel resentful or unloved.

Taurus April 21st to May 21st

You may feel as if an unseen force that is in tune with your deepest life-purpose is guiding you. This shall give you a sense of inner peace and joy and the knowledge that everything is as it should be. Partnerships are also a source of support, because they reflect your inner harmony.

You have a sense of being in the right place at the right time and are able to trust that you will be given exactly what you need. You want to acquire greater self-knowledge and expand your understanding of the world. Share the joy and the fun with the family members.

Gemini May 22nd to June 21st

You are in an indeterminate state. A reorientation is taking place in your life and, for the time being at least, you may be feeling at a loss as to how to proceed. As a result you may feel confused and apprehensive. You may have no choice other than to stay where you are and await the changes that will release you from this state of uncertainty.

You have the chance to become more open, perhaps with the help of a therapist, teacher, or someone in the caring profession who helps you to access your inner world. Seeking opinion from an elderly person may be of help to you.

Cancer June 22nd to July 23rd

You may be required to make a sacrifice in order to move forward and develop. Outworn patterns fall away and give you a new perspective on your situation. Circumstances may conspire to prevent you from focusing on your day-to-day activities for a while, so that you can concentrate on what is important. Trusting life to take its proper course will give you a sense of peace.

You need to feel happy that despite the odds, you have been trying to focus on the priorities. There is an inherent capacity to trust the path and willingness to take your chances, regardless of the outcome. It's a case of nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Leo July 24th to August 23rd

Spending time all by yourself may lead you to the realization that you are ultimately lone in your endeavours and accepting this can help you to face your own vulnerability. Enforced limitations in your life and circumstances that only time - and not the will - can change.

Through reconciling yourself to the reality and acquiring wisdom not to struggle with what you cannot change, you acquire a certain humility and calm acceptance. These are important qualities, for without them the ups and downs of life would prove unmanageable. Some of your time this week would be taken up by someone who without your support cannot accomplish the task at hand.

Virgo August 24th to Septemebr 23rd

Everything in nature is subject to cycles of transformation and renewal. Everything that has outlived its purpose must eventually be discarded. Often we hold onto situations that hinder our growth and prevent us from moving onto the next stage of life. Be prepared for the transition from one stage to another - such as from adolescence to adulthood, or from closeness to distance. Beginnings and endings are an inevitable part of life.

If you have not been happy with the pace with which developments have happened you will have little to complain about now. You can expect things to start moving quickly. You have limitless enthusiasm for your current project and want to throw yourself whole-heartedly into it.

Libra September 24th to October 23rd

You find yourself daunted by what lies ahead, but you have the powers of endurance to come through. You may feel little lethargic about work and responsibilities or that life is getting a bit difficult, but deep down you can draw on a formidable reserve of strength that will keep you going.
You need to use our innate skills to cope with the irritations that crop up. Adopting a calm, practical outlook will help things run smoothly. Even minor setbacks can be handled with good grace, provided you keep yourself in check. Someone whom is consider important may give you a pleasant surprise this week.

Scorpio October 24th to November 22nd

The time indicates a great deal of activity and a time when you have to take extra responsibilities. Sometimes the pressures of work or study conflict with your need for leisure time. Although harmony can be hard to achieve, you have the necessary patience and endurance. Soon in near future you shall have ample time to relax.

You are ready to start projects that offer a rewarding future, but you may feel anxious about the outcome and this could mark an uneasy time. You may need to keep several propositions going at once until you are sure which one is right for you.

Sagittarius November 23rd to December 21st

You will have to be skilful in the way that that you go about the practical everyday matters of your life. Changes are taking place in your financial circumstances and you must be flexible.

This is a period of fluctuation, when you need to weigh up the various factors involved in a new venture or activity, if it is going to succeed. It is important that you put all your resources to work and actively take steps to promote your material prospects.

Capricorn December 22nd to January 20th

You are far more likely to achieve a successful outcome if you use diplomacy and moderation in your dealing with others. Communication and exchange of feelings in a relationship are highlighted, but it is important that you take time to establish how you really feel. You may need to adopt a cautious approach to emotional circumstances.

If you remain calm and do not overreact, then you can resolve any difficulties that come your way. Look for both objective and compassionate. Showing temperance in tackling all kinds of different situations will stand you in good stead and will enable you to keep your equilibrium.

Aquarius January 21st to February 19th

You are in a period of flux. You may feel confused or isolated and life can seem uncertain. Nothing is clear-cut and this state can leave you feeling very vulnerable. Fears that you may have been able to contain in the past may suddenly break to the surface. If you can be receptive to the messages from the unconscious, in time you can learn to integrate the constructive and destructive energies within your psyche.

Your sense of self-worth is likely to get a boost and may result in your feeling solid in yourself. Your material circumstances are becoming better and you shall soon start to feel content.

Pisces February 20th to March 20th

You are feeling optimistic and can justifiably rest on your laurels for a bit, knowing that you deserve the accolades that are coming your way. However, you also know that you cannot stay where you are forever and will soon need to move toward new challenges.

You can expect things to start moving quickly. You have limitless enthusiasm for your current project and want to throw yourself whole-heartedly into it. You may have a strong impulse to do something creative or to learn something in a totally new field or you may simply feel adventurous and in the mood for new experience and fun. You have the desire to expand your life and feel more alive.