Wheat Khichadi

Jai Shree Krushna ,

One Pot meal , cooked in one vessel is mostly known as Saatvik Sadhu Bhojan . A complete meal with least efforts – full of nutrition and goodness . Tastes wonderful and a variation of regular Khichadi.

Let us try this on ourselves and serve our Laala with the goodness of Wheat , Pulses and Veggies.


  • 1- 1/2 Cup broken wheat / daliya/ faada
  • 2- 1/2 Cup Moong Dal [Yellow]
  • 3- 1 Cup – chopped veggies , peas
  • 4- Ghee for cooking and dressing
  • 5- Cumin seeds , jeera
  • 6- Salt to taste
  • 7-Turmeric / Haldi powder.
  • 8- Water.

Preparation Method

1- Mix, wash and soak Daliya and Moong Dal for 5 mins.

2- Heat Cooker , add 2 tbs Ghee , splutter 1/2 tsp jeera and add the veggies , soaked mixture of Dal and Daliya and add salt, turmeric to your taste.

3- Close the cooker and allow the cooker to blow 2-3 whistles.

4- Open the cooker and check if the consistency of the Khichadi is ok, if need be add some water to make it semi solid.

5- Take out in a small plate and pour ghee over it – Offer is delicious delight to dearest Nandlala with a sprig of Tulsa Maharani .