Mamra Chikki

Jai Shri Krushna ,

Sweet Crunchy Chikki , its a crisp cake liked by kids, in the winters the goodness and warmth of Jaggery keeps Baal Krushna Lalji warm.

Let us try it out , Mamra or the puffed rice is used here along with jaggery / Gud . We can replace the puffed rice with roasted ground nuts, roasted grams and dry fruits.


  • Puffed Rice – Mamra – 3 cups
  • Jaggery crushed  – 1/4th cup
  • Ghee – 1 tsp.
  • deep flat plate for setting the Chikki.

Preparation Method

Take a deep wok, kadhai , put it on the burner and add ghee- let the Ghee melt, add the jaggery and stir constantly till froth of ghee and jaggery is made.

Now add the mamra to this froth and mix well, ensuring all the puffed rice is coated uniformly.

Spread the mixture on plate quickly – smoothen with a flat bottomed plate or bowl.

Let it set for few minutes , take out and cut / break into pieces.

Offer it this samagri with ardent devotion to your beloved Lala.