Bundi Ladoo

On the sixth day of Chiatra Navratra, Shree Yamunaji’s pragatya is celebrated. It not very popular because the birthday celebration is hidden into the festivities of Janamashtami and Shree Radha ashtami.

The bhog for Shree Thakurji on this auspicious day is Bundi Ladoo. Dear Vaishnavs please try and offer this dear sweet to shree Thakurji on his Patrani Yamuna Maharaniji’s birthday.


  • 1 cup- gram flour.
  • 2 cups – sugar for syrup.
  • Ghee for deep frying.
  • kesar, Ilaichi, Pista, Badam for garnishing.

Preparation Method

  • Sugar syrup – Chashni, is prepared by cooking sugar with little water. Add kesar / saffron, ilaichi / cardamom, chopped pista and badam. Keep this syrup ready to add fried bundi to this for ladoo. 


  • Heat the Ghee in a pan, mix the gram flour with water to make a batter of smooth, thin consistency. Take a sieve of appropriate holes ,through which you pour the batter into the hot ghee. The falling drops turn into bundis. Fry them and takeout. Add to the pre prepared syrup. Takeout the bundi from the syrup. Roll into Ladoos using your hands, adding little pressure. 


  • Here delicious, sweet smelling ladoos are ready. Offer them with tulsidal. 


  • radhe radhe.