Jai Shree Krushna ,

AAMRKHAND – as the name is mango plus yogurt . In this season of Mango , summer any bhog samagri that give Sweet Soothing SUKH to Shri Thakurji is welcomed.

Packed with the goodness of Mango and Curds as the coolant it an excellent preparation – with the richness of nourishing Vitamin D and Calcium.

Let us prepare at home and offer Shri Thakurji with Khus bangala or Keri Manorath this delicious AAMRKHAND.


  • Hung Curd / Maska  – 200gms 
  • Mango Pulp / Puree – 200gms 
  • Powdered Sugar – 2Tbsps or more if the curd or mango is sour.
  • Chironji / Charoli Seeds  – For Garnishing

Preparation Method

1.Take a mixing bowl and add hung curd and smooth mango pulp and mix well with a ladle. Once mixed well taste the mixture and then add sufficient powdered sugar. Mix the mixture well till sugar is dissolved in the mixture. Aamrakhand is ready.

For smoother texture—pass the prepared Aamrakhand through a sieve. Transfer the prepared Aamrakhand into a bowl and chill. Serve chilled garnished with Chironji or small Mango cubes or chopped blanched Pistachios. Do not forget to top it with a Tulsi Leaf.


Take thick hung curd for making the Aamrakhand as adding Mango pulp dilutes the texture.Take pulpy mangoes for making this dessert rather than the runny juicy mangoes. Pulpy mangoes give thicker pulp and we get nice and thick Aamrakhand.


Always serve Aamrakhand chilled.